"Badagi" is the number one company producing Georgian traditional natural products. "Badagi" started operating 20 years ago with only one employee producing churchkhelas. Now, in 2018 more than 100 people work for "Badagi" in different regions of Georgia. The production amounts to almost 6 000 churchkhelas per day. Since the foundation of "Badagi" the company has always preserved the traditional way of making churchkhelas. One of the reasons that "Badagi" won the "Business Award 2016" as "Georgian product of the year" was that all the products produced at our company are made only from natural ingredients. In the close future the company also plans to produce Georgian tklapi (fruit leather) and dried fruits. Thus, "Badagi" will specialize on producing a small variety of products - of course with the highest quality standarts. Ingredients: - Walnuts/hazelnuts - wheat/corn flour - 100% natural Badagi (grape juice 100%) No alcohol or artificial sugar